Who’s Who: NT Church.6

Series Intro: What is a New Testament church? It is not a building. It is not a social club. It is not something you “do.”  NT Church.5

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I would suggest that there are certain components which must be part of any assembly which would call itself a biblical “church.” Without these you cannot have a church:

  1. Gospel believing individuals
  2. Baptized in demonstration of their conversion
  3. Recognizably covenanting together
  4. Regularly meeting around God’s Word
  5. Under legitimate leadership
  6. Administering Baptism and the Lord’s Table


Let’s take a look at the fifth essential component of a NT local church: Under legitimate leadership

A brief outline of NT references will have to suffice for our short summary here:

A. Led by elders

  • Terms (Titus 1:5-7 and 1 Peter 5:1-2). There are three overlapping terms used for this man: Elder, Pastor, Overseer
  • Responsibilities (Eph 4:11-16; 2 Tim 4:1-5).
  • Requirements (1 Tim 3:1-7).

B. Served by deacons

  • Responsibilities (Acts 6:1-7).
  • Requirements (1 Tim 3:8-13).