Manathon XIIIs: What we saw

Manathon Series: Where we went, What we talked about


The Boundary Waters is a great place to experience wildlife. Last year we saw a bear, this year on the way up we almost hit a deer. The sad thing was it was in downtown Duluth.

Manathon Sunrise

While up in the woods we saw eagles, hawks, loons, beavers, etc. This year we didn’t see any big wildlife like moose or bear, which may have been just as well! I am not sure we really wanted to come face to face with either.

Manathon Sunset

Perhaps one of the best parts of the Boundary Waters is what you don’t see. We didn’t see houses, cars, or highways. We were not woken up by car horns, barking dogs, or the ringing of phones. Out on the lakes you don’t see speedboats, jet skis, or those floating mountains you are supposed to climb. Getting away from all the visual and audible noise makes you realize that things can be a lot more quiet. That is one reason why I view these Manathons as so valuable. They offer the opportunity to see and hear what is drowned out by busyness.