Winter Weekend

One of our favorite activities of the year is the Winter Weekend at IRBC.

As the date approaches we can expect several things:
1. The Question: “How many days until the retreat?”
2. The Weather: Threatenings of storms and cold fronts.
3. The Joke: “I don’t need a toothbrush!”
4. The Reality: Someone forgot (or failed to use) their toothbrush.
5. The Competition: “Will the Waterboys make an appearance this year in floor hockey?”
6. The Game: “Who will win waterspoons?” (As if anyone actually “wins” that game.)
7. The Purpose: Lots of time to laugh, learn, eat, talk, and share what God is doing in our lives.

We were not disappointed this year in any one of those. We thank God for the opportunity to hear God’s Word and reflect upon it in a retreat setting. It was a great weekend.