2012 Winter Man-a-Thon

Ten of us men traveled up north to camp out a few weeks ago. Our destination was Pillager, MN. Growing up, my dad, brothers and I built a small cabin in the woods to use as our retreat center on a piece of land owned by a friend. Over the years we hiked, canoed, climbed, explored and camped out in every season, in every type of weather, and all with the same results – we had a great time.

We hiked back into our campsite and got to work on the important stuff. We cut wood, built a fire, and started cooking (the first two were just to get to the third). We cooked potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, and chuck roast in tinfoil packets directly on the coals. The only problem we faced was accidentally getting coals in the packets, which makes for interesting biting.
After we ate we took a midnight hike and watched the stars from a ridge and then discussed God’s interest in our lives. Praying together before we went to bed we had to stop to let the wolf howling to calm down.

We then laid out the tarp, struggled into our sleeping bags (some more than others since it was there first time in a mummy bag), and went to “sleep.” Again, I think the howling of the wolves frightened the guys with the rabbit fur hat – and rightfully so.