Plants are light eating beings.

> “Plants are light eating beings.” That shocked me. I read it again. “Plants are light eating beings.” The statement is true as long as the “being” is understood as an organism and not something possessing personhood. But it wasn’t the “being” that shocked me. It was the fact that there really are living creations that grow, and reproduce, and die which eat light. Plants convert rays, or particles, or whatever scientists are labeling what emanates from the sun nowadays, and turn it into food. They take what is intangible and make something of it, namely their livelihood. Sure, they pull moisture and nutrients in through their roots (which, by the way, is incredible as well), but light is what feeds them. That is truly amazing! And I walk by these creations every day. They decorate our living room and hallway. I even have some in my bedroom! Plants eat light. Imagine that.