Some wisdom on romance novels

In light of 50 Shades of Grey, Amish Romance Novels, and a whole host of other writing, I think we could take some wisdom from Victor Hugo in Les Misérables,

It was at the epoch when the ancient classical romance which, after having been Clelie, was no longer anything but Lodoiska, still noble, but ever more and more vulgar, having fallen from Mademoiselle de Scuderi to Madame Bournon-Malarme, and from Madame de Lafayette to Madame Barthelemy-Hadot, was setting the loving hearts of the portresses of Paris aflame, and even ravaging the suburbs to some extent. Madame Thenardier was just intelligent enough to read this sort of books. She lived on them. In them she drowned what brains she possessed…Now, one cannot read nonsense with impunity.