Clases…otra vez/ Classes…again

Estoy en mi universidad otra vez. Mis clases empezaron hoydia y el tiempo ya esta volando. Estoy en mi ultimo semestre!!! Este semestre esta muy ocupado porque estoy viajando a campamentos con un grupo durante del semestre pero tambien el el verano que viene. Tambien estoy trabajando en tres diferentes lugares en mi universidad y haciendo tarea y todo!! Tengo clases que son muy buenas y estoy animada por las oportunidades que Dios me ha dado por ministerio!

I am back to the wonderful life of college. Classes started today and things will be flying until…well…who knows when. I am in my last semester here, I graduate on May 6th. Hooray!! This semester is going to be really busy because I am on camp team which means that I am traveling about every other weekend to places like WI and CO and such to be a counselor at camps, do games, skits, etc. This is what I will be doing for the summer until the second week of August. I am also working here on campus with three different jobs. I run the scoreboard for our girl’s basketball games (I figure it isn’t too bad of a setup to watch a game and get paid for it!), I will be working some with delivering the campus mail, and also I will be working in the student center/coffee shop. This is on top of being involved in quite a few other things, as most college students are…I am sure the rest of you can understand that…I am really excited for my classes this semester and a lot of the ministry opportunities that God has given me!!