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Who wants to read a worthless book? These books are some of our favorites.

The Gospel

holiness-day-by-day-transformational-thoughts-for-your-spiritual-journey cross-centered-life-book Transforming power of gospeltrinity


pursuitofholinessjerrybridges The-Race-Set-Before-Us



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Praying Backwards


Faithful Parent






Undaunted Courage





Authors to read: with these I try to read everything I can by them

G. K. Chesterton

C. S. Lewis

Jerry Bridges

Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga)

N. D. Wilson


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Quotes Sampler

Here is a selection of independent quotations from books I am reading. I hope they offer as much food for thought for you as they have for me!

“Naomi holds nothing back from her God. She blasts God with the full weight of her anger and misery. She pounds her fists against God’s chest. She yells in his face. She lays all the blame at his feet. Ruth could never do that with Moloch.” (Buchanan, God Walk)

“Once we understand what omnipotence is, we can begin to understand that God couldn’t eradicate evil without eradicating us. It is indisputable that humanity is one of the major causes of evil and suffering in our world.” (Broom, Without God)

“What you care about shapes what you feel. Your emotions are always expressing the things you love, value, and treasure, whether you understand them or not.” (Smith and Groves, Untangling Emotions)

“You might say that our emotions are like relational price tags, communicating the value we place on things.” (Smith and Groves, Untangling Emotions)

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