Peru Update

Support Level – Praise God we are up to 95%! God has blessed us greatly through the support of His children. He also continues to open doors to share our hearts with others, and us this trip as a witnessing … Read More

Peru Update

Support Level – We are getting close to 90% of our goal! God is blessing in great ways. We still have six more churches to visit, and are looking forward to making more contacts. Passport Status – It arrived! After … Read More


Support Level – We are currently at 73% of our support! God is blessing us through many different people. Passport Status – We spoke to the passport agency last night and they are working on getting Crystal’s name changed and … Read More

Passport Update!

I finally got through to the agency last night at 11 P.M!!! After about an hour of being on hold I was able to talk to someone, and we found out why it was taking so long. We have been … Read More