11 Years Ago

Eleven years ago we became one. Here are photos of those eleven years, each taken roughly one year apart. The change without seems insignificant to the change within.


We stopped for an afternoon in Segovia. It is known for its 1st century aqueduct and Queen Isabela’s castle (where Christopher Columbus received the financial backing from Spain to sail).


A shade of sorrow passed over Taliesin’s face. ‘There are those,’ he said gently, ‘who must first learn loss, despair, and grief. Of all paths to wisdom, this is the cruelest and longest. Are you one who must follow such … Read More

Village visit

On our way back from an errand we decided to visit a village which we hadn’t been to. We met a really nice couple who showed us around their grove of chestnut trees, pointed out routes to hike, and even … Read More


It is because of the church’s diversity that the followers of Christ were first called Christians in Antioch. You could not call them Jews or Gentiles, for both were in the church. You could not label them wealthy or poor, … Read More