The other night I was considering the struggle and embarrassments of adapting to a new country, new culture, new normals, new struggles, and new language. In that rare moment of clarity I realized that I was pronouncing my perception of … Read More

Soapy Mouth

According to our Spanish tutor, the statement, “If you say that again I am going to wash your mouth out with soap!” doesn’t have an equivalent Spanish phrase. The children here in Spain will never understand a memorable part of my … Read More


If you receive a huge wave of gratification and accomplishment after finding one item on your shopping list you know that your “to-do list” mentality may be going into shock.

Bats are evil

The other morning Tanzen and I were listening to the song “O Come, O Come Immanuel,” and I was explaining that people prayed for Jesus to come and rescue them, and we pray today that Jesus would come and rescue us … Read More


Sometimes I can’t stop sarcastic comments from coming from my mouth. We were walking through the airport in Madrid after 20 hours of traveling, missing a night of sleep, and the normal joys of airports when a friendly passenger looked … Read More

Packing all your cables for your electronics in a Nalgene water bottle before the TSA airport check is a great idea. The officers love the excitement of thinking they have spotted a bomb in your carryon.

#LessonLearned compliments of Corbin E.