Our Adoption

Once upon a time, in a land so far away

There lived a little family, who loved to laugh and play

And when they sat or walked or sang, they dreamed of another

Who could one day come and join them, a little sister or brother

They wanted to share the joy they had, and bring another in

To what God was doing through the love that flowed from him.

They wanted to share a story, a snuggle, and a song.

With a child who had yet to know the meaning of “belong”.

So this family prayed each night, and asked their Father above

To bring them a child, who had yet to know that love.

And so they prayed, and worked, and saved, they waited for the day

When another child would walk through the door finally to stay.

So will you help us love this one, wherever they might be

And bring them home sometime this fall to join this family.

And one day we all will laugh and dance, and sing out strong

Because God has given a new home, and made a child belong.

September 2019 Update

We are excited to announce that our family has been matched with a young girl from China! She is 3 ½ years old and we hope she will be able to be home with us around the turn of the New Year. As we plan for her and pray for her, she goes by the nickname “Meow” around our house.

We are not able to share a lot of the details of her life because of legal reasons, and also because we want to be sensitive to her own privacy, but would you please pray for Meow? Would you ask that God would continue to protect her and grow her as she awaits a family she has never met? Would you ask God to soften her heart toward his working in the midst of her loss? Would you ask that God would prepare us as a family to walk through the coming years of Meow “shedding her orphan skin”?

There are still many forms to fill out and lines to wait in. However, we know that God has a good plan and wants us to know and love him a little more through this whole process. And we can say that he has done that so far.

As well, we want to thank each of you who have given toward the adoption process. It is daunting to stand before Mount Adoption and consider the costs, both financially, but more so emotionally. The outpouring of generosity in our fundraising has reminded us that we have family and friends who walk beside us, with their possessions ready to give and their ears ready to listen. There are still many expenses to cover in bringing her home (see below for more information). We truly do thank God for the generosity of his children in our lives.

God has blessed us by allowing us to be part of Meow’s life. We pray that through her entrance into our home she would come to experience a small foretaste of being part of God’s forever family.

  • How can I contribute?
    • If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit Small World Adoption and make an “Adoption Sponsorship” to “Seth and Crystal Grotzke” (If you are giving through the mobile site, email the above stated gift memo to accounting@smallworldadoption.com so that the gift is applied accordingly).
    • If you do give through Small World, please let us know so we can follow up with both you and the Agency.