Residual Lessons

Some things you pick up with your hands because they are handed to you. Some things you pick up because you pass over them so many times they stick to the soles of your shoes.


As we spend nine days with the staff of the home office of BMM, here are some of the lessons we picked up directly and indirectly.

  • Our God is great.
  • Although we have experienced much hurt before, on the field and by those coming through this seminar, we truly look forward to seeing what God will do through your life.
  • Please learn from the mistakes and brokenness we have experienced.
  • We are going to feed you like kings and then remind you to exercise like crazy!
  • Love your spouse. Don’t forget about them in all the ministry you want to do, and others want you to do.
  • Don’t think you are that great. Embrace your position as insignificant in the universe chosen by God to serve in his ministry.
  • Be interested in individuals.
  • You are entering a family. Please don’t take that lightly.
  • We respect Dr. Anderson.

As a note to the final lesson, I have rarely been in the position where a man has won my confidence so quickly to where I could say, “That is a man I could follow into battle.” But I sense that with Dr. Anderson, partly because of the interaction of the staff, and partly because of his demeanor, articulation, and obvious godliness and care. It is so refreshing to watch a staff respect a humble leader.