We recently moved again. In the past two months we have done little more than move stuff around. We moved our possessions out of our home and into a friends home. We then moved furniture and bins up to Brainerd as family came down and visited. In the meantime we moved into a basement of some other friends. We then moved back to Brainerd this past week. Do you see a theme?


In the midst of all of these moves we wrote down a few lessons we have learned from packing our life into Rubbermaid bins:

  1. It is hard.
  2. Why have 2 when 1 will do?
  3. It is liberating.
  4. The meaningful possessions are often overshadowed by the peripherals.
  5. An item is only as helpful as it’s accessibility.
  6. $5 in the pocket is better than an unused clearance shirt in the closet.
  7. If someone else can use it, and I’m not, why not be a blessing and give it to them?
  8. When people are in our home do they see us or do they see our stuff?
  9. Do our decorations tell our guests more about Martha Stewart or our lives?
  10. Hoarding is not a fruit of the Spirit.
  11. Tanzen would rather play with us than a room full of toys – and the toys she does like to play with will break.
  12. If I think “I might use this someday” I probably never will. 
  13. If I don’t like wearing it – I won’t. 
  14. If I put it in the garage sale bin and don’t think about it for 4 months, that probably means I don’t need it.
  15. If the people selling it at the garage sale can live without it, I probably can as well.

Any you would add?