Sproul, R. C. Can I Trust the Bible?

Book: Sproul, R. C. Can I Trust the Bible? Revised, expanded. Crucial Questions. Reformation Trust Publishing, 2009.

Can I Trust the Bible?

Pages: 65

Point: The Bible is reliable and deserving of our attention and obedience.

Path: Sproul walks through the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy which was drafted in 1978. This book is an explanation and application of that statement. He directly addresses in various chapters the authority of Scripture, the concept of revelation, the reality of inspiration, the parameters of inerrancy, the Scriptures and truth, and the Bible’s position in the life of a believer.

Agreement: This was a helpful book for anyone seeking clarity on the issues of inspiration, infallibility, revelation, and inerrancy.

It was short, 65 pages, so it is easily read in one sitting.

The manner of writing lends itself to quoting for those who are working on doctrinal summaries, or church statements of faith.

You can get the free kindle version here.

One draw back is that this work is not as “recommendable” as I was looking for. It is inappropriate to critique an author for a book he didn’t write. However, I was hoping for a book that I could hand to someone new to the faith, or one learning about our faith. It isn’t that book. It is very helpful in what is above, but not necessarily one you would hand to someone new to these topics.

Personal App: Am I cognitively recognizing the authority of Scripture while practically denying it?

Favorite Quote:

“Here the advance of science helped the church to correct an earlier misinterpretation of Scripture. Thus, to say that science cannot overturn the teaching of Scripture is not to say that science cannot aid the church in understanding Scripture or even correct false inferences drawn from Scripture or actual misinterpretations of Scripture.” (Kindle Locations 456-458).

Stars: 4 out of 5

It would be worth another read and I would recommend it.


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