Quotes Sampler

Here are some quotes from books I am reading this week:

“Books are experiences that make us grow, that add something to our inner stature.” (Gladys Hunt in Eskridge, Adventuring Together)

“Faith is not sticky sentiment or dry academics. It’s not an emergency provision for the times we’re unable to compile enough hard, cold facts or weave a tight enough web of logic to explain things. It’s not the last-ditch stand beyond biology, physics, psychology. It’s not something we muster—a rough mix of sentimentality, piety, nostalgia, and stubbornness—only for the hard times and the dark times. It is more than a flutter in the belly or a warm glow in the heart, more than nodding approval to a set of doctrinal statements. Faith is sinewy and feisty and vigorous, a living hope and a deep certainty that sparks life into all we are and all we do. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).” (Buchanan, Things Unseen)

“Reinhard Hütter has summed up Jesus’ teaching regarding the Decalogue. He says, “Positively, the Decalogue can and should be summarized in the double love commandment; negatively, it can be summarized in the stark commandment Thou shalt not covet—that is, Do not submit yourself to the insatiable thirst of your desires directed toward the world: wealth, power, ownership of truth, control of the neighbor and all the goods of the world.” Hütter is arguing that Jesus sums up the entire Decalogue according to His response to that rabbinic question, “What is the greatest command?”—the love of God, the love of the neighbor.” (Allen, Law and Gospel: The Basis of Christian Ethics)