My Top Mac Shortcuts

Beyond the typical Command + C and Command + V, there can be some helpful shortcuts to speed things up.


  1. Command + Q – quit the application
  2. Command + M – minimize the window that is open
  3. Command + Tab – move through open applications (+ Shift and you move backwards through your apps)
  4. Command + Tilde (`) – move through open windows of one application (+ Shift and you move backwards through your windows)
  5. Command + Control + D while hovering over a word brings up its dictionary definition
  6. Command + Option + Shift + V – pastes whatever you have copied with the same format that are working in. So if you are putting an outline from Pages into Keynote, you can paste directly into the formate on Keynote.
  7. Option + Shift + Command + Esc – Force quit applications or see what applications are running
  8. Shift + Command + I – inside Safari, using this command will open up a new mail message with the website address in it.
  9. Control + D – For those of you who can’t live without a delete button (delete on Mac is backspace)
  10. Command + Shift + 4 – Take a snapshot of a section of the screen (just move the crosshairs around). + spacebar and you take a picture of the whole screen.

Tell us in the comments, what are some shortcuts that you use regularly?